Rules of School

Cell phones are not allowed at the school for any use. There is a 25 dollar fee and the parent must pick the phone up. You may keep them in your book bag turned off.


Dress code is modest at all time, dresses, skirts, shorts are to be to the knee for both girls and boys. (No leggings worn)


There are to be no body piercings except for pierced ears (only two) on girls.


Every child‘s immunizations must be current to attend Thrive Academy as required by Georgia Law. The record of these immunizations must appear on form 3231 from the Georgia Department of Human Resources. Students enter or transferring into Georgia Schools must show proof of the following immunizations: DTP. Hepatitis B, OPV, MMR, and Varicella or history of Chicken Pox.


There is absolutely no bullying, physical, verbal or psychological.


Thrive Academy Administration reserves the right to suspend or expel a student for misconduct or compromising activity occurring on or off campus.



Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you serve special needs children?
Yes, we do if they are mild. We do not have a resource teacher at this time, but we do have small numbered classrooms, one-on-one attention, and administration makes this decision on a one to one basis.
2Do you serve hot lunches?
No, we do not. Students attend only 3 days during the week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students may bring a lunch and a snack.
3Are you a nonprofit school?
Yes, we are.
4Do you offer transportation?
No, we do not. Our school is in central Augusta, easy to get to. You must provide your own transportation.
5Do your students have to wear masks?
No, it is strictly volunteer, unless required by the government.
6Do you offer tutoring or afterschool programs?
Yes, we do have teachers who will tutor after school. However, they do not tutor their own students.